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I’ll Worry About Tomorrow, Tomorrow.

If you don’t already know, I am a recent college grad. It was super exciting and I felt so accomplished that I almost forgot what that really meant––growing up. Continue reading “I’ll Worry About Tomorrow, Tomorrow.”


A Letter To Those Who Wish To Forget Me

Dear You,
I hope this letter finds you well. In fact, I hope you’re doing so well that this may come as an unpleasant surprise. I know you wish you could forget about me, but I’m here to remind you of every single reason why you can’t. Continue reading “A Letter To Those Who Wish To Forget Me”

Where To Begin?…Again.

I have been on a dazzling, mystifying, and winding journey called life. Thinking back to the girl I was when I started this versus the woman (I’d like to think) I am now, I can’t believe how far I’ve come.

In the words of an iconic character played by a truly flawless Julie Andrews, “Let’s start at the very beginning, a very good place to start.” Continue reading “Where To Begin?…Again.”

Falling In Love In Firenze

Nothing and no one can truly describe what it’s like to experience living in another country. I have been here for about five days and I can tell you that falling in love with this city is inevitable. The views, the smells, the food, the people, the wine: everything is so rich and full of life.

Continue reading “Falling In Love In Firenze”

Home Stretch

I know I’ve been really bad about blogging lately but I’ve just had ZERO time. With summer so close and finals even closer, there is no more time in my schedule for the things I enjoy, including keeping this blog as fresh and updated as possible. Continue reading “Home Stretch”

Guys Suck; Except Mine

Let’s be real for a hot second, relationships are messy. All men suck. Any kind of relationship can be stressful. When you start to add love, sex and the opposite (or same) sex to the mix, you’ve got a potential chemical combustion on your hands. However, if the lines start to get blurry between friendships and romance, there is a whole other issue to worry about. So here goes nothing:

Continue reading “Guys Suck; Except Mine”

Legends Never Die♡

With a fresh semester, comes a fresh start. A second chance to improve GPA’s, make new friends, and learn from the mistakes we made in the fall. However, the beginning of this spring semester started off on a sour note. Continue reading “Legends Never Die♡”

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